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Enhancing Public Transport


Mass public transport is by far the most efficient mode of transport, in terms of both land and energy use. It is critical for land-scarce Singapore, to meet the increasing travel demands of a growing economy and population. We are thus committed to improving our bus and rail services and promoting their use as Singaporeans' choice modes.

The following comparisons serve to underscore the efficiency of public transport relative to that of a passenger car. On a single trip at full capacity, a single-deck bus carries up to 90 passengers and a six-car train carries up to 1,600 passengers, while an average passenger car sedan only carries up to 5 persons. Comparing energy use among the different modes of transport per passenger kilometre, the car uses 9 times more energy than taking a bus and 12 times more energy than taking a train.

Our aim is for commuters to make use of public transport for 75% of morning peak hour journeys by 2030. To learn how we are making public transport the mode of choice for more Singaporeans, please see Public Transport