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Premier Hub Port


Singapore is home to one of the busiest container hub ports in the world. Connected to more than 600 ports in over 120 countries, our superior connectivity enables goods to be transported quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

As a top bunkering port, we adhere to the highest bunkering standards. Ships can also look forward to a wide range of marine services, from pilotage and towage to ship repairs and ship supplies, in the Port of Singapore.

Infrastructure Enhancements

To cater for future growth in container throughput, we are expanding the Pasir Panjang Terminal. When fully operational, it will increase our port capacity by 50%. It will also be able to efficiently handle the mega-container ships coming on stream. In the long term, we will be consolidating our port in Tuas to achieve greater efficiency and economies of scale.

We are also constantly upgrading our supporting port facilities. Both the Port Operation Control Centres operated by MPA are now equipped with state-of-the-art Vessel Traffic Information Systems. These systems integrate data from various sources (e.g. radars, Automatic Identification System, Harbour Craft Transponder System, Closed Circuit Television System and ship databases) to provide an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the shipping traffic in our port waters and the Singapore Straits.