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Oral Reply by Senior Minister of State for Transport Dr Lam Pin Min to Parliamentary Question on Actions Taken Against the Use of PMDs on Minor Roads in Private Landed Estates

12 Feb 2019 In Parliament

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong asked the Minister for Transport

a.     what actions have been taken against the use of PMDs on minor roads in private landed estates;

b.     how many PMD users have been caught for riding on such roads in the past year; and

c.     what actions have been taken to ensure that roadside footpaths in such estates are kept clear of obstacles to allow unblocked access for use by PMDs, personal mobility aids and pedestrians.

Reply by Senior Minister of State for Transport Dr Lam Pin Min:

1.     It is an offence to ride a personal mobility device (PMD) on roads. LTA has focused its enforcement on roads with high traffic and areas with high public feedback. In 2018, 616 people were caught riding PMDs on roads, of which an estimated 18% were caught for riding on minor roads in private landed estates.

2.     When LTA receives feedback on obstruction on footpaths in private landed estates, LTA acts immediately to remove the item if it causes imminent danger to other path users. However, there are cases where obstruction is caused by residents. In such instances, LTA will engage the resident or work with the neighbourhood committee to remove the obstruction. Offenders who cause obstruction on public streets are liable for a fine up to $2,000. Ultimately, it is a joint responsibility of residents and the authorities to ensure that our paths are free of litter and obstruction.