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Organisation Structure


Air Transport Division

The Air Transport division oversees the planning and development of civil aviation policies in Singapore with two strategic outcomes in mind: to strengthen Singapore’s status as a leading aviation hub and to strengthen our country’s strategic influence in international organisations and fora.

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Land Transport Division

The Land Transport division oversees land policies which strive to maintain a world-class land transport system that is affordable, efficient, accessible to the public, as well as one that ensures smooth flowing traffic on the roads.

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Sea Transport Division

The Sea Transport division oversees the following policy areas: enhancing Singapore’s position as a premier port hub, developing Singapore into an International Maritime Centre (IMC), and protecting the security of Singapore’s port and sea lanes.

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Futures Division

The Futures Division fosters a future-ready MOT by enhancing the quality of strategic thinking and promoting an anticipatory and adaptive whole-of transport mindset across MOT. It also ensures the readiness of our transport agencies in the event of crises.

International Relations & Security Division

The International Relations and Security division coordinates and aligns our international relations engagement efforts with those of other government agencies, so as to develop holistic transport strategies and policies. 

It also oversees the development of transport security policies and manages security and facilitation issues concerning the aviation, maritime and land transport sectors, as well as inter-modal security issues such as supply chain security that concerns transport, trade and facilitation.

Corporate Communications Division

The Corporate Communications division oversees the strategic and marketing communications functions of the Ministry. It works with the policy divisions and statutory boards to inform and educate the public on policies related to air, land and sea transport. The division also serves as the interface with the public by managing the corporate website and public feedback.

Corporate Development Division

The Corporate Development division enables our core functions and develops the Ministry. Together with our statutory boards, this division aims to turn the Ministry into a high-performing organisation by implementing best practices optimising resources for the attainment of transport policy goals.

Human Resource Division

The Human Resource Division provides oversight of strategic HR issues at the ministry-level, focusing on talent management, key HR practices and succession planning. It also forges an engaged and high performance workforce in MOT HQ through partnering, leadership and human capital development as well as delivering on our Employee Value Proposition.

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Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB)

The TSIB is the air and marine accidents and incidents investigation authority in Singapore. It was formed on 1 August 2016 from a restructuring of the Air Accident Investigation Bureau. The mission of the TSIB is to promote aviation and maritime safety through the conduct of independent and objective investigations into air and marine accidents and incidents in accordance with international standards and recommended practices.

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