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Land Transport

Our vision is to work towards a more people-centred land transport system that meets the diverse needs of an inclusive, liveable and vibrant global city.

Singapore is among the most densely populated countries in the world. Like other urban cities, we face the challenges of growing transport demand and the constraints of physical space.

Thus, we do more than meet the needs of today – we also anticipate tomorrow’s needs and develop an efficient transport system that will move us into the future. We have thus established a three-pronged approach.

img land Public Transport

Public Transport

Building the choice mode of transport with extensive rail network and quality bus and taxi services.

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img land Public Transport


Optimising road transport by expanding the infrastructure and maintaining vehicle population.

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img land Accessibility


Implementing initiatives to enhance transport convenience and cater to people’s needs.

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img rail safety investigation

Rail Safety Investigation

The Transport Safety Investigation Bureau is the air, marine and rail accidents and incidents investigation authority in Singapore.

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img land Cycling

In recent years, cycling has become increasingly popular as a recreational activity and mode of transport for short-distance trips. To cater to this growing demand, there have been significant improvements rolled out, including dedicated cycling tracks and bicycle parking facilities.

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img land Sustainable Transport

Transport accounts for about 13% of Singapore's energy consumption. Therefore, while striving to achieve greater transport efficiency, we will also work towards reducing its impact on the environment.

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