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Government to Keep Fares Affordable for Lower-Wage Workers and Persons with Disabilities

30 Oct 2018 News Releases

1.     The Public Transport Council (PTC) has concluded this year’s Fare Review Exercise (FRE), and approved a fare adjustment of 4.3% for this year’s exercise.

2.     The Lower-Wage Workers and Persons with Disabilities Concession Schemes were introduced in 2014, in line with the recommendations made by the Fare Review Mechanism Committee, to help fares remain affordable for these two groups. These concession schemes are funded by the Government.

3.     In line with the PTC’s approved fare adjustment for student and senior citizen fares, the Government has decided to cap the fare increase for Lower-Wage Workers and Persons with Disabilities to 1 cent. The price of the Monthly Concession Pass for Persons with Disabilities will remain unchanged.

4.     The Government will continue to extend the lower morning pre-peak rail fare discount of up to 50 cents for Lower-Wage Workers and Persons with Disabilities[1]. These commuters will also be able to enjoy the time and cost-savings under the enhanced transfer rules, which eliminate additional boarding charges from making multiple rail transfers. The new fares and enhanced transfer rules will take effect from 29 December 2018.

5.     With operating costs rising due to the 26% rebound in energy prices and increased resources required to run an expanded public transport network, the additional fare revenue will go a long way toward supporting a quality transport system. The Government will also continue to subsidise public transport to the tune of $5 billion for public bus services and $4 billion for the renewal of rail operating assets over the next five years.

6.     Members of the public who have any queries regarding the concession schemes, including the application process and the eligibility criteria, can call 1800-2255-663 or visit

A - About the Workfare Transport Concession Scheme and the Persons with Disabilities Concession Scheme
B - Concessionary Card Fare Structures for Lower-Wage Workers and Persons with Disabilities

[1] Commuters who tap in at any rail station before 7.45am on weekdays (excluding public holidays) can enjoy a discount of up to 50 cents off their rail fare. The discount quantum is 50 cents or the fare for the rail leg of the trip, whichever is lower.