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Oral Reply by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng to Parliamentary Question on The Evening ERP to Manage Traffic Congestion Along CTE

11 Jul 2018 In Parliament

Er Dr Lee Bee Wah asked the Minister for Transport if he will provide an update on whether evening ERP is still required to manage traffic congestion along the CTE.

Reply by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng:

1.     The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) policy helps to manage traffic congestion and maintain optimal traffic speeds. Currently, evening ERP is only imposed along the northbound Central Expressway (CTE), where traffic speeds range between 48 and 56 km/h. This is near the lower bound of the optimal expressway speeds. Evening ERP is therefore still required there to prevent further congestion. LTA will continue to monitor the situation and review the ERP charges as necessary.