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Senior Appointment Changes at Land Transport Authority (LTA), JTC Corporation (JTC) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

06 Aug 2020 News Releases

Senior Appointment Changes
1.     Mr Ngien Hoon Ping, currently the Chief Executive of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), will leave the Administrative Service and subsequently join a social enterprise. Mr Ng Lang, currently the Chief Executive Officer of JTC Corporation (JTC), will take over as Chief Executive of LTA with effect from 1 September 2020. Mr Tan Boon Khai, currently the Chief Executive of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), will take over as Chief Executive Officer of JTC, while Mr Simon Ong Hung Eng, Deputy Chief Executive of SLA, will be appointed as Acting Chief Executive of SLA on the same date.  
Mr Ngien Hoon Ping (鄞云斌)
2.     Mr Ngien Hoon Ping was appointed CE of LTA on 12 November 2016. Before this, he served in various capacities at the leadership level in the areas of operations, supply chain, transportation and engineering, and was Deputy Secretary (Performance) of the Ministry of Finance. As CE of LTA, Mr Ngien has served with distinction and devotion. He brought a sharp focus to LTA’s core roles and set LTA firmly on its transformation course. He always led by example. His emphasis of a strong work ethos, anchored on the values of Safer, Better and more Cost-effective, has strengthened LTA internally to become a leaner, sharper and more collaborative organisation, and externally, to deliver significant outcomes in partnership with industry, unions and other key stakeholders.  
3.     Under Mr Ngien’s leadership, LTA and the public transport operators have significantly improved rail reliability, from around 180,000 Mean Kilometres Between Failure (MKBF) in 2017 to over 1.6 million MKBF today and restored public confidence in Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system. Mr Ngien personally oversaw the system-wide upgrade of the North-South and East-West Lines, introduced the Rail Enterprise Asset Management System (REAMS), and built up local capability for rail testing. He has, in so doing, developed an ecosystem of supporting systems and capabilities that will help sustain high rail reliability.        
4.     Mr Ngien led the delivery of several key infrastructure projects, such as the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL Phase 1), Mandai Depot and the new Lornie Highway. He helped to make active mobility safer and more sustainable, and introduced a new regulatory regime for a more competitive Point-to-Point Sector. The Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040 was also launched during his tenure, setting out the blue-print for a car-lite, well-connected, inclusive and sustainable land transport system that will meet Singapore’s future needs.    
Mr Ng Lang (黄南)
5.     Mr Ng Lang was appointed CEO of JTC on 1 September 2017. Prior to this, he was the CEO of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), National Parks Board of Singapore and had served in various capacities in the Singapore Public Service, including the Singapore Foreign Service and the public healthcare sector.  
6.     Under his leadership, he oversaw the development of the next-generation industrial estates in Jurong Innovation District, Punggol Digital District and Woodlands North Coast to help anchor and transform key growth sectors, as well as create vibrant and liveable workplaces of the future. He also drove the rejuvenation plans for older industrial estates such as the development of Sungei Kadut Eco-district to support the transformation of manufacturing and anchor new growth industries such as agri-food technology sector.  
7.     Mr Ng was instrumental in fostering collaborative partnerships with the community and other government agencies. Through initiatives such as the Industry Connect, he helped create platforms for businesses and public agencies to collaborate in technology adoption, talent development and environment sustainability in JTC’s industrial estates. He also championed sustainability efforts across JTC’s industrial estates through the implementation of a circular economy study on Jurong Island, greenery enhancement in JTC estates, and the introduction of large-scale SolarLand and SolarRoof programmes to reduce JTC’s carbon footprint. Within JTC, Mr Ng has also laid the groundwork to digitalise the way JTC works and transacts with customers.
Mr Tan Boon Khai (陈文凯)
8.     Mr Tan Boon Khai was appointed CE of SLA on 1 May 2015. Prior to this, he was with the CapitaLand Group, where he undertook various business and corporate roles.  
9.     Under Mr Tan’s leadership, SLA has been transformed into a forward looking and customer-centric government organisation. He strengthened SLA’s corporate governance structure to safeguard the State’s interests, and re-organised SLA’s key land operations divisions. This allowed SLA to undertake a broad range of business-centric enterprise initiatives, including the introduction of price-concept tenders, enhancements of state properties such as the black and white bungalows at Kay Siang estate, and the rejuvenation of State assets such as Tanglin Village and Chip Bee Gardens.  
10.    Mr Tan pushed aggressively a broad series of digitisation and digitalisation efforts to build a more integrated data-driven structure for SLA and its stakeholders, and drive innovation through better use of technology. For example, SLA successfully digitised more than 1 million paper records of HDB leases over the past four years and is currently undertaking an industry-wide transformation effort for a fully integrated e-conveyancing platform for the real estate sector in Singapore.  
11.    Beyond land and land-related matters, together with GovTech, Mr Tan has been leading SLA’s efforts to promote and enhance geospatial data and technologies for the public service and Singapore’s geospatial industry. During Mr Tan’s term, SLA has received multiple awards and accolades for its service-centric and principal areas of work. These awards include being ranked 1st in the Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) rankings in 2017, as well as key industry awards at various international geospatial forums.  
Mr Simon Ong Hung Eng (王汉龙)
12.    Mr Simon Ong Hung Eng, currently Deputy CE of SLA, will be appointed as Acting CE of SLA on 1 September 2020. 
In Appreciation
13.    The Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Law would like to put on record their appreciation to Mr Ngien Hoon Ping, Mr Ng Lang and Mr Tan Boon Khai for their significant contributions and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 
6 AUGUST 2020