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Written Reply by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan to Parliamentary Question on Frequency of Platform Screen Door Faults in MRT Stations between 2015 and 2019

02 Sep 2019 In Parliament

Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong asked the Minister for Transport

a.     for each year from 2015 to 2019, what has been the frequency of platform screen door faults in MRT stations for both below and above ground stations;

b.     how frequently are the screen doors serviced; and

c.     how long are the screen doors expected to last before replacements are due. 

Reply by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan:

1.     From 2015 to 2017, there were 10 Platform Screen Door (PSD) faults causing delays of more than five minutes. In the past 19 months till July 2019, there were no such PSD incidents.

2.     The rail operators have a monthly preventive maintenance regime for PSDs. This includes component inspections or functional tests on the different mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems. Servicing and component replacement are done when required. 

3.     PSDs are replaced when they become unreliable or more difficult to maintain. They can be used for many years as long as their mechanisms are well maintained.