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Written Reply by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan to Parliamentary Question on Monitoring of Shared Personal Mobility Devices Deployment

02 Sep 2019 In Parliament

Er Dr Lee Bee Wah asked the Minister for Transport

a.     how will LTA monitor whether shared personal mobility devices (PMDs) that are deployed on private land end up entering public spaces and the effects arising thereof;

b.     how will LTA detect the illegal deployment of shared PMDs for hire at public places and what are the penalties for this offence; and

c.     whether shared-PMD companies are required to submit their plans for deploying their fleet at private premises to LTA. 

Reply by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan:

1.     Under the Parking Places Act, operators are required to obtain a licence to offer dockless PMD-sharing services that operate in a public place. This is to prevent indiscriminate parking of shared devices.

2.     While the licensing regime does not cover PMD-sharing operators who deploy their devices solely on private land, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) engages these operators proactively to understand their deployment plans and advise them on our regulations. LTA's enforcement officers conduct regular patrols based on these plans and at known hotspots to detect illegal deployment.  

3.     Operators who operate illegally without a licence may be fined up to $10,000 and/or be imprisoned for up to six months. LTA will also impound shared PMDs that are illegally deployed, and take all contraventions into account if the operator decides to apply for a device-sharing licence. 

4.     All device-sharing operators, regardless of whether they operate on public or private land, must do their part to ensure users ride safely and park properly. We are also considering additional regulations to ensure that all shared devices are used safely, and will continue to monitor this space closely.