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Written Reply by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan to Parliamentary Question on Reasons for Delaying Decision on Licences for Shared-PMD Operators

08 Jul 2019 In Parliament

Mr Sitoh Yih Pin asked the Minister for Transport

a.     what are the safety concerns that LTA has for delaying the decision on which companies can operate shared-PMDs; and

b.     what are the additional requirements that LTA intends to impose on licensees to allay these safety concerns.

Reply by Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan:

1.     The award of PMD-sharing licences has been deferred to later this year as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) requires more time to review the imposition of additional requirements on licensees to ensure the safety of users and the general public. 

2.     The requirements being considered include requiring shared PMDs to be certified to the UL2272 standard to ensure fire safety, and to be insured against third-party claims on bodily injury or death. LTA will also start conservatively, restricting sandbox licensees to small fleet sizes over a 1-year sandbox period.