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Written Reply by Minister for Transport Ong Ye Kung to Parliamentary Question on Number of Accidents Caused by Leisure Riders versus Delivery Riders (Follow-up after 2017 amendment to Active Mobility Act)

06 Oct 2020 In Parliament

Ms Carrie Tan asked the Minister for Transport what is the number of accidents caused by leisure riders compared to the number of accidents caused by delivery riders on personal mobility devices since the 2017 revision of the Active Mobility Act. 

Reply by Minister for Transport Ong Ye Kung:

1.     Between January 2017 and July 2020, there were about 490 reported accidents involving personal mobility devices (PMDs) on public paths. We do not track the breakdown of accidents across different types of PMD riders. Notwithstanding, as delivery riders are heavier users of active mobility devices, we will require businesses to ensure that all active mobility device users engaged by them have appropriate third-party liability insurance coverage from December 2020 onwards. This will improve accident victims’ access to compensation, and protect riders from large claims.