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Written Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran to Parliamentary Question on Enhancing Existing Requirements for Vaccinated Travel Lane Travellers to Minimise Imported Cases

12 Jan 2022 In Parliament

Mr Gan Thiam Poh asked the Minister for Transport whether the Ministry will consider enhancing the existing requirements for all Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) travellers, such as adding 24-hour Stay-Home Notice at a specified facility, to balance the need to minimise imported cases with supporting air travel, local tourism and businesses.

Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran:

1.     The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) current assessment is that the enhanced testing regime and limits on the number of VTL arrivals that we imposed after the Omicron variant was designated as a Variant of Concern are sufficient to manage the public health risk, and there is no need to introduce a 24-hour Stay-Home Notice for VTL travellers.

2.     The Ministry of Transport (MOT) will continue to work closely with MOH to regularly review our border measures, and reopen our borders in a careful and calibrated manner while safeguarding public health.