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Written Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran to Parliamentary Question on Islandwide Implementation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

14 Sep 2021 In Parliament

Miss Cheryl Chan Wei Ling asked the Minister for Transport whether the implementation plan across Singapore for electric vehicle (EV) charging points will be a replica of the eight EV-ready towns. 

Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran:

1.     Our strategy for deploying electric vehicle (EV) charging points in public carparks is to improve geographical coverage as quickly as the electrical infrastructure and capacity permit. In so doing, we will ensure that the number of charging points leads EV adoption by a calibrated margin. We have chosen to highlight eight EV-Ready Towns, as these are the ones where existing electricity capacity can support charging points at all car parks with minimal upgrading. For all the other towns, we will also be deploying charging points in as many public carparks as possible. For instance, the Government’s pilot charging point deployment tender, awarded earlier this month, will see over 600 charging points at around 200 public carparks installed over the next year. By the 2030s, every HDB town will be an EV-Ready Town. 

2.     For private developments, premise owners have to assess the deployment of EV charging points taking into account the needs of their users and the existing electrical capacity. Several commercial developments, like retail malls and petrol stations, as well as some private residences, have already installed EV charging points. The Government will continue to facilitate such deployment, for instance, by launching the EV Common Charger Grant to further incentivise EV charger installation at non-landed private residences.