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Government accepts Land Transport Master Plan 2040 Advisory Panel’s Recommendations

07 Mar 2019 In Parliament

1.     The Government has accepted the Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040 Advisory Panel’s recommendations for healthy and safe 20-minute towns and a 45-minute city for all by 2040, as announced by Acting Minister for Transport Dr Vivian Balakrishnan during the Committee of Supply debate. 

2.     The Panel made recommendations in three key areas:

     a. More convenient, connected and fast journeys using public, active and shared modes of transport, such that journeys to the nearest neighbourhood centre are completed in less than 20 minutes, and 9 in 10 peak-period journeys are completed in less than 45 minutes; 

      b. A more inclusive land transport system that is supported by a caring and gracious commuting culture; and

     c. A land transport system that is safe, supports active lifestyles and contributes to a cleaner environment. 

20-Minute Towns, 45-Minute City

3.     With 20-minute towns and a 45-minute city by 2040, the average peak-period commuter can expect to save about 15 minutes each weekday. The opening of Hume Station on the Downtown Line, as announced by Senior Minister of State for Transport and Communications & Information, Dr Janil Puthucheary during today’s Committee of Supply Debate, represents a first step towards achieving this goal. 

4.     Moving forward, the Government will continue to prioritise a seamlessly integrated public, active and shared transport network that provides all commuters with convenient access to good jobs, schools and amenities. This will be reinforced by efforts across the Government to develop more live, work, play options away from the city centre, such that more jobs, services and amenities are located closer to homes. 

Transport for All

5.     To accommodate the needs of all Singaporeans, especially seniors, persons with disabilities and families with young children, the Government will continue to make infrastructural improvements to ensure more journeys are barrier-free. At the same time, we support the Panel’s view that enhancing hardware alone is not sufficient. We must also cultivate a caring and gracious commuting culture among all stakeholders – commuters, public transport workers, and the Government – and work together towards pleasant journeys for all. 

Healthy Lives, Safer Journeys

6.     The Government agrees with the Panel’s vision of a land transport system that contributes to a safer, healthier and more liveable environment. We will work towards a “Vision Zero” environment with fewer land transport-related fatalities, and will continue improving our safety record through education and enforcement. We will also explore ways to dedicate more space towards public, active and shared transport, which supports healthier lifestyles. During the Committee of Supply debate today, Dr Puthucheary announced that all diesel-fuelled public buses will use cleaner energy sources by 2040. The Government welcomes similar commitments from the private transport sector, and is heartened that all taxi companies and many private hire car booking providers have committed to cleaner energy fleets by the same timeline. 

7.     We thank the Panel and Singaporeans for the time and effort they have invested to share their views and shape the future of our land transport system. The Panel’s recommendations are timely, given the evolving needs of our economy and population. A fuller set of measures to achieve the Panel’s recommendations will be detailed in a report that will be released at a later date.