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2013 Fare Review Exercise

20 Jan 2014

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew made two Facebook posts on the 2013 Fare Review Exercise.

16 January 2014:

I would like to thank the Public Transport Council (PTC) for working on the fare adjustment for 2013. I have no doubt that it was challenging as no fare increase is ever welcomed by commuters.

The PTC has struck a good balance by keeping the fare increase a few notches below the average wage increase in 2013 while enhancing concessions for a significant segment of commuters like the students, especially the Polytechnic students, NSFs, and providing new products like the unlimited travel monthly passes for senior citizens and for other adults. Overall, I believe this will continue to keep public transport affordable for Singaporeans.

This is the first time the Government is funding two fare concession schemes, for low wage workers (LWWs) and persons with disabilities (PWDs) which, from the start, will see close to half a million Singaporeans benefitting. As I had shared earlier, the LWW concessionary fare, with 15% discount off adult fares, will bring their public transport fares to price levels comparable to what they were paying 10 to 15 years ago. PWDs will get even greater discounts, of between 25% and over 50%. And for the general population who need assistance to meet the cost of public transport, we will have available more than twice the number of vouchers that were disbursed in 2011, and make these available all year round.

As these are new schemes, we are working very closely with partner agencies like MSF, MOM and CPF Board to ensure that the application process be made as fuss-free and smooth as possible. I expect we will encounter some hiccups along the way given that we are setting up the infrastructure and processes from scratch, and close to half a million Singaporeans may apply, and hence half a million personalised concession cards will have to be printed and mailed out. I hope that applicants will understand and I assure you we will try our best to get the concession cards to you as quickly as possible. We will provide more details of eligibility, how and when to apply, etc, in the next few weeks.

Once again, my deepest thanks to the PTC for undertaking this difficult assignment.

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13 January 2014:

Chairman PTC Mr Gerard Ee told me that PTC met today and that they are ready to announce their decision on the fare adjustment on Thursday. I told him that the Government was ready with our package for the low income workers (LIW) and persons with disabilities (PWD) and that we would like to announce this together on Thursday. These two concession schemes will be fully funded by the Government.

The discount for the LIW would bring their fares to roughly about the levels they were some 10-15 years ago, depending on the journey they take. The discount for PWD would be even more significant. These discounts would make transport fares much more affordable for both groups; something I wanted to do since I joined the Transport Ministry.

Besides those covered by the two new concession schemes, there may be others who need help. I told Gerard that we will make available support for them through the public transport vouchers, and these will be available throughout the year.

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