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Affordable public transport for all Singaporeans

19 Nov 2014

Following the Public Transport Council's announcement of the 2014 Fare Review Exercise on 19 November 2014, Minister for Transport, Mr Lui Tuck Yew, shared his thoughts about ensuring fare affordability for all. Read Minister Lui's Facebook post below:  

"For the upcoming fare review exercise, we must continue to make public transport affordable for all Singaporeans.

I hope that the Public Transport Council (PTC) will study if we can insulate vulnerable groups such as senior citizens from a fare increase, or at least mitigate the impact on them. In the same regard, the Ministry of Transport will also study how we can similarly enhance the concession schemes Government introduced for lower-wage workers and persons with disabilities earlier this year.

This builds on the improvements of the 2013 fare review exercise. I had received much positive feedback from Singaporeans who benefitted from the new and enhanced travel concession schemes. These include lower-wage workers and persons with disabilities who enjoy lower fares, children below seven who now travel free and students, especially from the Polytechnics, through lower prices of monthly concession passes. Frequent commuters too have an option to cap their transport expenditure with the new Adult Monthly Travel Pass. I hope the PTC can consider not raising the prices of these travel passes.

I have also asked the Land Transport Authority to study whether we can strengthen our ongoing travel demand management efforts, and encourage more commuters to travel during the off-peak hours. Perhaps the Government can introduce off-peak monthly passes; which should also help reduce the travel expenditure for this group of commuters."