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Vulnerable Groups Will Be Shielded from Fare Increase

21 Jan 2015

Following the Public Transport Council's announcement of its decision for the 2014 Fare Review Exercise on 21 January 2014, Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew shared his thoughts on shielding vulnerable groups from the fare increase and on the new Off-peak Monthly Travel Pass. Read Minister Lui's Facebook post below:  

"Looking at the overall outcome of this year’s fare adjustment exercise, I believe the Public Transport Council (PTC) has achieved a good balance between keeping fares affordable for Singaporeans and maintaining the viability and sustainability of our public transport system.

I am pleased that more than 1.1 million commuters will not experience a fare increase. In particular, the more vulnerable groups like senior citizens, lower-wage workers and persons with disabilities as well as students and adults using the monthly concession passes will not be affected.

I think the Off-peak Monthly travel Pass can boost our efforts to further encourage commuters whose travel patterns are more flexible to travel off-peak. If we can shift an additional amount of travel to outside the peak period, everyone will enjoy a more comfortable journey. Better still, commuters who purchase this new pass will enjoy a reduction in their travel expenditure.

As was the practice last year, we will again provide 250,000 public transport vouchers of $30 each to help needy commuters. This year, we aim to simplify the application process further. We also have other plans on the meaningful use of the Public Transport Fund and I will share these with you when we are ready.

Finally, let me thank the Chairman and members of the PTC for undertaking this tough assignment and for their thoughtful deliberations. It is not an easy responsibility, but I think they have got the balance about right. I think that the PTC will find the next fare exercise in 2015 much easier to deal with."