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Advancing the Maritime Industry


As a leading international maritime centre, we aim to develop a comprehensive range of maritime ancillary services to provide one-stop service for all port, shipping and maritime activities.

There are currently over 5,000 maritime companies in Singapore - including more than 130 international shipping groups - forming an important anchor for our international maritime centre.

Recognising that shipping is a capital-intensive business, we have introduced several schemes to support the growth of shipping companies. These include the Maritime Sector Incentive Scheme, which helps shipping enterprises grow their businesses in Singapore.

The Future of Maritime

Looking ahead, we will continue to maintain our competitive advantage by refining and enhancing our service offerings in the following areas:

  • Ship management
  • Ship financing
  • Marine insurance
  • Ship broking
  • Maritime legal services
  • Maritime and offshore engineering


Premier Hub Port >

Expansion and improvement of port infrastructure to meet future demands.


Careers in Maritime >

Growing the maritime industry by investing in talent, R&D and training.