Opening Remarks by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Mr Baey Yam Keng at the Active Mobility Community Ambassadors (AMCA) Appreciation Event

11 Nov 2023Speeches
Active Mobility Community Ambassadors,
Fellow Active Mobility Advisory Panel members, 
Colleagues from MOT and LTA,
Ladies and gentlemen,

1.     A very good morning to all of you. It is wonderful to see so many familiar faces again. 

2.     Another year has passed since our last gathering. Let me start by giving you an update on various developments in active mobility. 

Expanding Infrastructure

3.     A key part of our plans to support active mobility is to expand our Islandwide Cycling Network to 1,300km by 2030. When completed, 8 in 10 HDB residents will be within minutes of their nearest cycling path network, connecting them to amenities, such as MRT stations, neighbourhood centres, schools and parks. 

4.     We are progressively expanding cycling paths to all towns. Today, we have about 580km of cycling paths, with construction ongoing in various towns, such as Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands, Potong Pasir and Sengkang. LTA recently called three tenders to build another 110km of new cycling paths across the island, so we can expect to see more towns with cycling paths soon. 

5.     More tenders will be called progressively, as we continue to improve active mobility connectivity for work, live and play. You can find out more about the Islandwide Cycling Network at the showcase in the next hall.

6.     We are also exploring options for longer-distance commutes. When the North-South Corridor is fully completed, cyclists can use the cycling trunk route from Woodlands to the city. This will also connect town cycling paths and park connectors along the way, serving towns such as Sembawang, Ang Mo Kio, and Toa Payoh.  

Safe Paths and Devices 

7.     Besides infrastructure upgrades, we are reviewing our rules so that path and device users can use our paths safely.  For instance, the Active Mobility Advisory Panel, or AMAP, is currently reviewing the use of personal mobility aids, such as motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters, as we have received some feedback on the misuse and abuse of these devices in the community. We hope that these devices can be used safely and responsibly. AMAP will submit its recommendations to the Government when the review is completed.

Education for a safe and considerate active mobility culture

8.     With the increasing popularity of active mobility devices, being gracious towards one another on paths and roads becomes even more pertinent. 

9.     LTA has been promoting gracious and safe behaviours through the Move Happy Graciousness campaigns, as well as safe riding practices through the Confidence on Wheels programme. 

10.    For example, cyclists should keep left, except when overtaking; stay alert, and not be distracted by mobile devices while on the go. This applies to pedestrians as well. Pedestrians and cyclists should also keep to their respective lanes when these are available, especially when cycling paths and footpaths are clearly demarcated. To shape user behaviours on our paths, I hope that all of you can also help us to spread these messages in your community. The more we promote it, the more people will understand, remember, and practice it. 

11.    LTA has recently launched a new initiative, called the S.T.A.R. Path Champion, to recognise and encourage good user behaviour through recognition and commendation. While we carry out enforcement, I think it is also important for us to adopt a caring approach as well, to recognise and profile good behaviour. Do visit their showcase to find out more about the initiative and how you can also adopt these practices in your own community.

12.    Educating the young is also important to ensure that our children grow up to be considerate and gracious path users. LTA has been working with schools to provide education materials and programmes, such as the Path Safety Programme, which consists of an assembly talk and activities during recess time. 27 schools took up the programme this year, and we hope to see more schools adopt this programme in the coming years.

13.    I would like to encourage you to work with schools in your area to make a positive impact on our students. For example, if you are a school parent-volunteer, you can introduce LTA’s programmes to the school and create a connection. If you are a grassroots leader, you can get in touch with the school leaders and tell them about this programme, and encourage them to sign up for it through LTA. Or your AMCA team can consider adopting a school in your community, and work with the school to promote walking and cycling safely. I know that many schools today experience traffic congestions as parents often pick their children up from their schools. If the kids are able to walk or cycle to school themselves, there would be fewer vehicles on the road, which is good for the environment as well.  

Volunteer activities

14.    I am heartened to hear that in the past year, AMCA teams have been organising a range of outreach activities and initiatives to promote active mobility. These include community cycling events, educational workshops and walkabouts in your neighbourhoods. 

15.    I understand that AMCA teams, including those from Ayer Rajah – Gek Poh, Nee Soon East and Sengkang East, have been engaging their community through events and walkabouts, where they encourage residents to be mindful of others, and to use their devices safely and responsibly. With this, we can create a safer and more harmonious environment for all. 

16.    Many AMCA teams have also tried out new ways to widen their outreach. The Marine Parade team, for example, organised a ‘Unity on Wheels’ event, during a day out at East Coast Park, where they engaged device users, including senior device users, on riding safely and protecting the more vulnerable users.

17.    The Teck Ghee team partnered the newly formed Yio Chu Kang team to organise a community cycling event for their residents earlier this year, in April. This is a great example of how AMCA teams can work together and support one another in bringing their residents together and promoting active mobility.

18.    I am also happy to note that with the expansion of the AMCA scheme to include cycling interest groups and members of public, 28 individuals, 2 cycling interest groups, and organisations such as Riders Arena and RIDEnjoy have partnered with us. Thank you for joining us.

19.    One of the cycling interest groups that joined us is the Beyond Personal Record (BPR) Cycling Club. BPR has been promoting safe cycling and encouraging their members to be considerate riders on roads and paths.  Since joining AMCA, BPR had worked with the Tampines North AMCA team to organise two community rides for residents. Thanks for organising these events for my residents to join you as well. It was great fun to explore different parts of Singapore and to cycle together as role models to show how we can coexist on paths and roads.

20.    Another new group, Riders Arena, has collaborated with the Yio Chu Kang and Ubi teams to conduct bicycle maintenance workshops for residents, equipping riders with the know-how to keep their bicycles in good condition. It is important to ride safely, so please make sure your bicycle is in good condition. 

21.    Some of the teams whom I have just mentioned will be sharing their outreach efforts and experience at their respective showcases. Thank you for sharing what you have been doing. Building and shaping a safe and gracious path culture takes time. Let us learn from one another, so that we can all promote safer and more gracious path sharing in our community.


22.    In closing, I want to express once again my appreciation to each and every one of you, for spending time with your community and promoting safe cycling practices and active mobility. I hope to continue to work closely with all of you to promote active mobility, and learn from one another. With more hands, more legs and more wheels, we can create a virtuous cycle with a safer and more gracious active mobility landscape, as well as a more sustainable Singapore. Thank you very much.

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