Public Transport Vouchers


To apply for a Public Transport Voucher (PTV) under the 2023 PTV Exercise, please fill in the application form.

If you would like to submit an appeal for PTVs instead, please fill in the appeal form.


In years of fare increases, operators are required to contribute part of their increased fare revenue to the Public Transport Fund. Financial penalties collected from PTOs when significant disruptions occur are also paid into the Fund. The Government then draws from the Fund to disburse Public Transport Vouchers (PTVs) to help lower-income households cope with fare adjustments. The Government will also supplement the Public Transport Fund from time to time. 


Following the implementation of a fare increase in December 2023, the Government will be making available PTVs worth $50 each as part of the 2023 Public Transport Voucher Exercise. Details of the exercise can be found in the poster below. As part of the first stage of disbursement, over 240,000 households have received PTV notification letters in December 2023.