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Infrastructure is at the heart of what we do. We build new paths, roads and community spaces to provide people with a safe and conducive environment. We also improve existing infrastructure to accommodate different types of users.


Islandwide Cycling Network Programme (ICN)

We are expanding our cycling path network, to have around 1,300km of cycling paths islandwide by 2030. By then, all HDB towns will have cycling path networks connecting commuters from their homes to MRT stations, bus interchanges and nearby shopping malls and schools. In some areas – for example between Ang Mo Kio and Bishan – these cycling paths join up, connecting one HDB town to another and facilitating inter-town commutes. 

Cycling paths are coated with a skid-resistant material and coloured terracotta red for better visibility. At potential conflict areas, “SLOW’ markings, speed regulating strips, and signages are installed to alert cyclists and active mobility device users to slow down and look out for pedestrians.





Supporting Active Mobility Infrastructure

We are also building more bicycle parking spaces and bicycle crossings to improve safety and convenience. Where feasible, paths behind bus stops will be widened to channel cyclists behind bus stops and facilitate safer path sharing between cyclists and pedestrians.


We are also working with private developers to incorporate more bicycle parking and end-of-trip facilities, like showers and lockers, in their developments. This is done through the Active Commute Grant (ACG), which was introduced in 2017 to encourage developers to provide end-of-trip facilities to support our Walk Cycle Ride vision. Since May 2022, the grant has been expanded to include retail developments within 400 metres of MRT stations.


AM-AM Infrastructure


Road Repurposing Works

To create a more liveable and inclusive environment, we are exploring potential locations where suitable road spaces can be converted into footpaths, cycling paths and bus lanes. Some of these road repurposing works have been implemented at Kampung Admiralty, Havelock Road, and the Civic District. We engaged Residents and nearby businesses during the process of implementing these projects to ensure that any permanent infrastructure would meet the communities’ needs. The projects have been well-received by the community.


AM-AM Infra-road repurposing works


On-Road Cycling Lane

Since 2017, the expanded Tanah Merah Coast Road features a dedicated cycling lane for cyclists, such as competitive cyclists, who prefer cycling on roads.

The Sunday Cycling Lane, launched at West Camp Road in October 2022, was made permanent in April 2023 after a successful trial.  The Sunday Cycling Lane is closed to cars on Sunday mornings from 5am – 11am; buses are still be operational on the lanes during these hours.




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