Inclusive Transport Infrastructure



Our transport infrastructure is designed with inclusive features to cater to various road users. 


Pedestrian Facilities

Roads and pavements are designed to be barrier-free to allow groups with different mobility levels to move about safely and conveniently in public.






Friendly Streets 

In 2023, LTA announced the Friendly Streets initiative pilot to make Walk –Cycle Ride commutes safer, more convenient and more comfortable , and to foster more gracious behaviours in our communities.  

Works on five Friendly Streets pilots in Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Batok West, Tampines, Toa Payoh, and West Coast have commenced. All five pilot sites are near key amenities and experience high pedestrian flows. There will be features such as traffic calming measures to slow vehicles down, barrier-free pedestrian crossings, and longer and more frequent green man signals for more convenient crossing, especially for seniors and families with young children.

Building on the community’s positive feedback from our five pilot sites, we are expanding the Friendly Streets initiative to all HDB towns by 2030, as well as to private estates with high-activity areas and key amenities nearby.

Friendly Streets will build on our existing efforts and initiatives such as Silver Zones, School Zones, Transit Priority Corridors, and road repurposing.


Safer roads for seniors and students

Silver Zones - Residential areas with a high proportion of seniors have been designated as Silver Zones with a reduced speed limit of 30km/h to 40km/h. Other features include additional crossing points and lanes with reduced width to slow down traffic. As of end-2023, 36 Silver Zones have been implemented. 14 more will progressively be completed by 2025.


Motoring-inclusive - silver zone


Learn more about Silver Zones.


School Zones - Areas with the presence of school-going children have been designated as School Zones with safety measures, including traffic signs, road humps and road markings.


Motoring-Inclusive-School Zone






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