Preparing for the Future



The Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest-growing regions of the world. We expect demand for air travel to rise with the growing middle class in the region. The Changi Air Hub can help Singapore and the region grow by connecting the world to Asia, especially Southeast Asia.


Terminal 5 (T5) is a critical investment to ensure that Changi has the handling capacity to meet this demand. This will secure Singapore’s capacity to ride on the long-term growth of aviation, and strengthen Singapore’s position as a premier air hub for the region and beyond. When completed in the mid-2030s, T5 will be able to serve 50 million passengers per year. T5 will not only be designed to be green and sustainable, but also resilient to handle future pandemics more nimbly.  


We are also investing in futureproofing Singapore’s Air Navigation Services (ANS) capabilities, including through research and development. These advanced capabilities will enable Singapore to continue providing ANS at the highest levels of safety and efficiency, while supporting air traffic growth in the region and international aviation sustainability efforts.  


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