Oral Reply by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng to Parliamentary Question on Public Education Campaigns on Dissuading Mobile Device Usage on Roads

10 May 2023In Parliament

Mr Lim Biow Chua asked the Minister for Transport whether LTA will consider a continuous nationwide education campaign to remind pedestrians not to use their mobile phones or any other electronic devices when using the roads.

Reply by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng:

1.    The Land Transport Authority (LTA), Traffic Police (TP) and Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) engage in extensive public education programmes and campaigns on path and road safety – this includes reminding pedestrians to stay alert to their surroundings when walking along paths and crossing the road.

2.    LTA has been promoting to path users the message of staying alert through various public campaigns and educational materials, such as the annual Move Happy Campaign. LTA also works with our Active Mobility Community Ambassadors and schools to educate pedestrians and students on safe and gracious path use, including not using mobile phones and electronic devices when crossing the road.

3.    Likewise, Traffic Police regularly conducts education and engagement programmes. As part of the Road Safety Month campaign in June 2022, TP produced infographics and video advisories to educate the public on pedestrian safety, and the dangers of distracted crossing and jaywalking. In August 2022, TP organised the Road Safety Concert for Seniors to raise road safety awareness, and to inculcate good road safety habits among the seniors.

4.    These educational efforts are ongoing, and we remain committed to inculcating a strong culture of safety and graciousness among all road and path users.


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