Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Anticipated Energy Savings from Each LTA Green Initiative and Cost-Benefit Evaluation

18 Sep 2023In Parliament

Ms He Ting Ru asked the Minister for Transport 

a.     what is the anticipated energy savings from each LTA green initiative, including but not limited to (i) turning off escalators in MRT stations at night and (ii) turning off lights on covered walkways between 1am and 5am;  

b.     for each initiative, whether there has been any cost-benefit evaluation, taking into account the inconvenience and safety issues caused to commuters or pedestrians, in particular the elderly and other vulnerable groups; and

c.     if so, what are the results.   

Reply by Acting Minister for Transport Chee Hong Tat:

1.    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is committed to reducing carbon emissions from land transport significantly, and contribute towards our national target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. LTA has implemented a number of energy saving green initiatives at public transport premises, in support of this.

2.    When implementing energy saving measures, LTA strives to minimise the impact on commuter experience and to ensure safety of commuters, especially vulnerable groups.

3.    For example, SMRT’s trials to switch off escalators at selected stations during non-peak hours are only being carried out at locations where there is another escalator or lift nearby serving the same purpose. LTA’s initiative to turn off lights at selected covered linkways between 1am – 5am when pedestrian footfall is generally low is also only implemented at covered linkways with sufficient lighting from nearby streetlights.


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