Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Goods Vehicles Registered Under Sole Proprietors

02 Jul 2024In Parliament

Ms Carrie Tan asked the Minister for Transport 

a.     how many light goods, heavy goods, and goods-cum-passenger vehicles are currently registered under sole proprietors; 

b.     does the Ministry collect the residential addresses of the vehicle owners; and

c.     if such data are not collected, whether the Ministry will consider including this data field in vehicular registration to aid in parking space planning.

Reply by Minister for Transport Chee Hong Tat:

1.     LTA does not have data on commercial vehicle ownership by Sole Proprietors. Vehicle registrations are based on information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, (ACRA), which classifies both Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships that are formed by two to 20 partners as one type of business entity. Only the business address registered with ACRA is collected during vehicle registration, not the residential address of the vehicle owners. The vehicle owners of commercial vehicles may not be the drivers of the vehicles. Some commercial vehicles can also have more than one driver. 


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