Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Plans to Enhance Capacity of Existing Roads Using Yishun Dam to Deal with Increased Traffic

07 Nov 2022In Parliament

Mr Derrick Goh asked the Minister for Transport

a.     whether there are plans to increase the capacity of existing roads that use the Yishun Dam to deal with an increase in traffic flow during peak hours; 

b.     if so, what are the plans and schedule for implementation; and

c.     what are the expected improvements arising from the increased capacity.

Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran:

1.     To support the increase in vehicular traffic arising from the new Build-To-Order estate, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will widen the junction at Yishun Avenue 1 and Avenue 8. For instance, the two-lane west-bound roads on Yishun Avenue 1 will be widened to four lanes at the junction. The tender for the construction works will be awarded soon, and the works will commence in mid 2023. LTA will continue to monitor the traffic situation in the area, as it develops, to determine if further improvements are needed.


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