Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Ship-To-Shore Drone Trials Since Launch of Maritime Drone Estate in 2021 and Plans for Commercial Service to Materialise

02 Aug 2022In Parliament
Mr Melvin Yong Yik Chye asked the Minister for Transport

a.     how many ship- to-shore drone trials have taken place since the launch of the Maritime Drone Estate in 2021; and

b.     whether the Ministry expects a commercial ship-to-shore drone service to materialise soon.

Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran:

1.     The Maritime Drone Estate was launched in April 2021 to provide a conducive space to test-bed and develop drone technologies for maritime applications, such as shore-to-ship deliveries.

2.     Since its launch, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has supported 10 drone companies in conducting more than 200 drone flights for shore-to-ship delivery.

3.     The development of commercial drone services in our busy port waters will take time, as it requires careful consideration of multiple factors including vessel safety, drone payloads and flight path management, as well as suitability of launching and recovery sites for drones. The Government is working closely with the industry to support their efforts in launching commercial drone services in future.

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