Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Signs to Alert Cyclists at Smart Traffic Light Junctions

22 Mar 2023In Parliament

Mr Leon Perera asked the Minister for Transport whether the Ministry will consider putting signs at smart traffic lights where the CoopeRative and UnIfied Smart Traffic SystEm (CRUISE) project is in operation to ensure that cyclists are aware that they may not be detected by traffic light systems and may need to dismount to use pedestrian crossings instead.

Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran:

1.     Pedestrian crossings with CoopeRative and UnIfied Smart Traffic SystEm (CRUISE) are no different from other typical crossings. Cyclists and pedestrians can continue to use them the same way by activating the green man light with the push buttons installed on traffic light poles. Cyclists are not required to dismount at pedestrian crossings but are required to slow down, stop, and look out for oncoming traffic before crossing.


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