Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Training Requirements for Locally-Based Pilots and Technology to Address Increased Frequency in Flight Turbulence

02 Jul 2024In Parliament

Miss Rachel Ong asked the Minister for Transport 

a.     whether pilots of airlines based in Singapore are required to be trained in responding to the weather volatility and increased frequency in flight turbulence brought about by climate change; and 

b.     whether CAAS is working with airlines based in Singapore to explore technology that can better detect or reduce turbulence, particularly clear air turbulence.

Reply by Minister for Transport Chee Hong Tat:

1.     Pilots of airlines based in Singapore are trained to operate the aircraft under various scenarios, including turbulence. Their competency is regularly practised and tested as part of their recurrent training and assessment. 

2.     The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore also works closely with Singapore air carriers to explore the use of new aircraft technology and advanced flight planning tools that can enable real-time prediction of adverse weather conditions including turbulence. 


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