Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Update on Implementation of Red-Amber-Green Arrows at All Feasible Traffic Junctions to Replace Discretionary Right Turns

02 Aug 2022In Parliament
Mr Shawn Huang Wei Zhong asked the Minister for Transport

a.     whether he can provide an update on LTA's implementation of the Red-Amber-Green (RAG) arrows at all feasible traffic junctions to replace discretionary right turns;

b.     what are the accident trends at these traffic junctions following RAG implementation; and

c.     whether LTA has plans for other programmes to further reduce accident rates.

Reply by Minister for Transport S Iswaran:

1.     To date, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has installed Red Amber Green (RAG) arrows at 798 traffic junctions to replace discretionary right turns with a higher chance of conflict. By 1Q2024, there will be RAG arrows at 1,200 junctions. Based on a sample of traffic junctions where RAG arrows have been implemented, LTA has observed about a 40% reduction in accidents involving right turns after RAG arrows are installed.

2.     LTA has also installed other features to enhance the safety of our roads. These include additional road markings, lighted road studs, integrated pedestrian countdown timers and signages. In areas with a higher concentration of seniors, LTA comprehensively re-designs the roads to create Silver Zones. These zones have reduced speed limits and traffic calming measures, such as narrower and meandering lanes, road markings, raised crossings and speed humps. To date, LTA has completed 24 Silver Zones and will complete a further 26 by 2025. The Silver Zones have proven effective in reducing the accident rate among senior pedestrians by about 80%.

3.     Beyond infrastructural improvements, LTA also works with Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council on educational programmes to promote road safety awareness and encourage responsible practices among all road users.

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