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More Households Eligible for Public Transport Vouchers to Provide Support for Fare Adjustment

03 Nov 2021Press Releases
1.     The Government recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused difficult economic circumstances for many households in Singapore. In light of these exceptional circumstances, the Government will make available a total of 600,000 Public Transport Vouchers (PTVs) - the largest number of PTVs that has been set aside to date for the broadest household coverage. PTVs are valued at $30 each, for use to top up fare cards or buy monthly concession passes, to provide support to cope with the fare adjustment that will take effect from 26 December 2021. 

2.     This year’s PTV Exercise will cover resident households with monthly household income per person of not more than $1,600, compared to $1,200 for the previous 2019 PTV Exercise, in view of the exceptional impact COVID-19 has had on many households. 

3.     In previous exercises, eligible households had to apply for PTVs at Community Centres/Clubs (CCs). This year, PTVs will be disbursed differently in view of safe management measures. Under the first stage, households that received the voucher during the 2019 PTV Exercise need not apply and will automatically receive the PTV notification letter via post. This is an exceptional arrangement in view of safe management measures. The notification letters will be sent to eligible households by end-December 2021. 

4.     Under the second stage, which will start from early 2022, households that meet the income criteria but did not receive a voucher in the first stage can apply for PTVs online. 

5.     Thereafter, under the third stage, households who meet the criteria but prefer to apply in person or those who require additional help can apply for PTVs at their local CCs. The Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs) will assess these applications accordingly. Details on the second and third stage of application will be shared later. 

6.     Successful households can follow the instructions on their notification letter to redeem the voucher from 28 December 2021. All vouchers must be redeemed by 31 March 2023. Residents may approach their local CCs if they have any queries.

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