Speech by Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment & Ministry of Transport, at the Launch of the Photography for Good Exhibition

25 Jun 2024Speeches

1.     Good afternoon everyone, I am happy to join you to open the “Photography for Good” exhibition which showcases the efforts by public agencies, public transport operators and commuters in making our public transport more inclusive.

Background on Inclusivity

2.     The Government has been stepping up its efforts to improve accessibility on public transport, such as implementing wheelchair-friendly infrastructure at all public transport nodes and hubs. However, hardware improvements alone are not enough to build a gracious commuting culture. It is equally important to foster strong community involvement.

3.     Therefore, we are working with social services agencies and schools to develop educational resources to educate commuters on how we can show care for one another. Public Transport Operators have also embarked on initiatives to make public transport more accessible and inclusive.

4.     Commuters too play a pivotal role in contributing to caring commuting culture through their day-to-day acts of graciousness. It is the talent of our photographers to be able to see through the camera lens, to capture snapshots of the gestures, expressions and caring acts, that make a difference in our commuting journeys.

5.     As we go through the exhibition, the snapshots of the care, love, and outreach, it reminds us how a little act can make such a difference in the experience of our commuters. I know we have some award-winning photographers; thank you so much for spending your time, to be part of this project. We also have photographers who start much later in life, and people who have their own professions yet maintain their passion in photography. Thank you for your commitment and time to help us tease out all these elements about what it means to be a caring commuter, and what we can all do to promote a caring commuting culture.

6.     This exhibition brings together complementary efforts by public agencies, public transport operators and commuters. By showcasing them together, it reflects how it takes the effort of all partners to create a more caring commuting culture for everyone.

7.     Commuting is not simply about reaching our destination, it is also about navigating and sharing common spaces as a community. I hope the stories told through this exhibition can inspire and contribute to a more caring commuting culture, where commuters offer a hand to those in need.

Call to Action

8.     Let us continue to create awareness of the challenges faced by different commuters, and step forward to lend a helping hand when needed. By caring for our fellow commuters, we make our daily commutes joyful and meaningful.

9.     I thank the Public Transport Council (PTC) and Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) for working closely with our public transport operators to make this exhibition possible; I am excited to view the photographs later.

10.    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the exhibition.


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